「Chilly December Nights 🌩」

by Freya Ma on December 18, 2018
 After months and months of planning and preparing, we finally opened up our flagship store last month. Our first month of opening has been a huge success. We enjoyed hearing customers in person saying how much they loved our brand and loved our jewellery. It gave us a lot more motivation to work harder. 
Apart from opening our store this month, we also had a busy month of events and projects that we have been working on. We had a stall set up in Morgan & Stanley's annual charity sale. We sold our jewellery where we raised money for the charity, NSPCC . It was such a fun day because not only were we enjoying selling our jewellery, we were enjoying that we were selling our jewellery which was helping raise money for this charity that we deeply care for.
This month we also were busy preparing for our Christmas specials. We teamed up with instagram London blogger Anyamanee Cherdchai ( IG: @Anya.anan ) in Elan Cafe London. To take Christmas pictures for our website and instagram. The pictures turned out so well. It really gave that christmasy vibe to our products.
Overall this last month has been a great month for us. We look forward for the months to come ~ 
- Miss F
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